Our Fresh Food Philosophy

At handmade burger Co. our burgers are built in our restaurants every day meaning that you can enjoy the tastiest burgers handmade especially for you from great, fresh ingredients.

We’re really proud of our fresh food and our restaurants receive fresh deliveries six days a week to ensure that only the finest ingredients are used to make our handmade burgers. Every single fresh ingredient that we use is checked by hand by our team as soon as it’s delivered – only the best will do!

Our menu is full of fresh food with our handmade burgers and sides being made using only the finest ingredients. Our coleslaw for example is made using free-range mayonnaise and is freshly prepared by our teams daily.

In 2015 we received accreditation from Coeliac UK meaning that we are proud to serve a separate Gluten Free menu with over 40 burgers for you to choose from. We have also registered all of our vegan burgers with The Vegan Society to ensure that everyone can enjoy our great fresh food.

Why do we use fresh food?

We simply don’t think you can beat handmade fresh food and we want you to enjoy the best quality, fresh food when choosing from our menu. Whether it’s beef, chicken, lamb or our great veggie or vegan burgers, we think that our food tastes great and we hope you can taste the freshness in every bite!