Charitable Giving Policy

At handmade burger Co. our charitable giving policy helps us to work with local organisations in order to create partnerships within the communities where we have restaurants.

Our current charitable giving policy supports local charities through restaurant vouchers only. These donations may be utilised for fundraising activities and charity events.

When asking for donations please submit the following information through email at least three weeks before the event:

  1. Full name of charitable organisation & registration number
  2. Complete address, telephone & email address of organisation
  3. Name, title, phone number & email address of contact person
  4. Purpose of donation & needs of local community addressed
  5. Previous handmade burger Co. involvement if applicable
  6. How will handmade burger Co.’s donation be advertised
  7. How you will report on the impact of the donation back to handmade burger Co.?

All charity requests should be sent to

Each year we receive hundreds of donation requests from worthy causes. Due to the volume of applications that we receive we must unfortunately decline some requests that may not be consistent with our policy.