Can I order a rare beef/lamb burger?  

We are advised by the Food Standards Agency & Environmental Health Organisation that our patties should be cooked medium, due to the fact that we double mince our prime Scotch beef. Therefore, we are unfortunately unable to cook a rare burger for our customers.

Do you have an Allergy Menu?

Please click here to see our Allergy Menu which is fully compliant with the EU Food information for consumers regulation (EU FIC).

Do you serve Halal food?

Our Halal chicken & beef is HFA certified and is available upon request in the many of our restaurants. All of our restaurants will have a certificate to prove this from our butcher – just ask our team. The chicken & beef is held & prepared in accordance to Halal guidelines & is cooked on a separate grill when a customer asks for Halal chicken or beef. Supply is subject to availability so please do call the restaurant beforehand to confirm.

What measures do we put in place to avoid cross-contamination with our Gluten Free products?

We have taken several measures to ensure that we avoid cross-contamination in our kitchens, these include:

– Amending some of our recipes in house to provide the largest Gluten Free menu possible.

– Adding specific Gluten Free products to our menu, for example, our bun and Estrella Daura beer.

– Investing in kitchen equipment to ensure we have dedicated Gluten Free fryers and utensils.

– Provided extensive team training and worked with various partnerships to extend our HACCP processes and documents to cover gluten.

Our Gluten Free menu is now accredited by Coeliac UK.

Why do we serve our Gluten Free bun in its wrapper?

We scoured the country for the perfect Gluten Free bun to complement our tasty handmade burgers. We use a gluten and wheat free bakery to bake our personalised bun. We wanted to ensure our customers have confidence in our product and therefore chose to serve it sealed and allow our customers to build their own delicious Gluten Free meal.

Can our Gluten Free buns be toasted?

We are more than happy to toast our Gluten Free bun for those customers who follow a Gluten Free diet as opposed to those with Coeliac disease. However this will mean the bun is ‘contaminated’ and no longer gluten free as we toast it alongside our gluten containing buns.

Do you have nutritional information for your menu?

Unfortunately, we do not have nutritional information available for our menu at the moment. However, we can assure you that as we make all of our burgers by hand, the restaurant team are more than happy to customise your burger to suit your dietary requirements, so you can order your burger without certain ingredients or sauces.


How do I book a table?

You can book a table at any of our restaurants. Please call the restaurant directly to check availability. Please click here for our restaurant locations.

Are franchising opportunities available?

Unfortunately, there are no franchise opportunities at the moment.

I’m running a charity event and would like a donation – can you help?

handmade burger Co. is committed to working with local organisations in order to create partnerships within the communities where we have restaurants only. Our current charity policy supports local charities through restaurant vouchers only. These donations may be utilised for fundraising activities & charity events.

Please send all donation requests to charity@handmadeburger.co.uk, giving us all of the details highlighted on the following link: http://handmadeburger.co.uk/our-story/charitable-giving-policy/.

We wish you the very best with your venture!

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